Arkana Law Office - POLAND

Fields of Practice

ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Services for the Transport and Logistic Sector

ARKANA Law Office offers assistance to the companies operating in the transport and logistic sector, both in the domestic and international market. Thanks to our activities, we solve problems and disputes among transport and shipping enterprises as well as entities dealing the handling and storing of goods.

We provide our clients with full scope of legal services in conducting disputes, from directing relevant demands, mediating between the parties and conducting negotiations to drafting statements of claim and pleadings to debt enforcement proceedings. We also offer current legal services as well as consultancy on the issues of domestic (Civil Code, carriage law) and international law (CMR Convention, Incoterms and other international conventions).

Our legal services include:

  • representation in out-of-court settlements as well as court, administrative and enforcement proceedings, in particular those related to a loss of, reduction in or damage to the transported or stored goods,
  • conducting legal analysis,
  • participation in negotiations,
  • drafting of and giving opinions on agreements, in particular transport, carriage, storing and other agreements.

Thanks to wide knowledge of issues connected with the TSL sector, our Office established cooperation with the biggest companies in this sector in Poland.