Arkana Law Office - POLAND

Fields of Practice

ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Provision of Continuous Legal Services

Thanks to our experience and a wide range of proposed solutions, our legal services cover current consultancy as well as companies’ comprehensive legal support which enables them to realize their goals.

The Office offers support through:

  • preparing studies that include an analysis of a company’s legal situation in a given scope,
  • preparing draft internal regulations of a company, including labour law regulations,
  • representation at common and administrative courts on the basis of granted powers of attorney,
  • legal services in relation to all economic enterprises,
  • debt-related services,
  • planning and conducting bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings of companies,
  • legal analysis of commercial agreements connected with business operations,
  • offering legal aid in copyright law, in particular in copyright protection,
  • comprehensive services relating to industrial property protection,
  • drafting work and pay regulations, regulations on works staff welfare fund (ZFŚS),
  • legal aid in forming and running a company.

We render legal services also in our client’s central office, and if there is a need to cooperate with specialists from the company’s different departments, also in other places. We explain all legal aspects, thanks to which our clients have the full knowledge of the cases in progress and of all legal risks connected with their companies’ operations.