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Fields of Practice

ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Legal Protection of Debtors

We extend a helping hand to the entrepreneurs who are required to pay their debts. The most important for us is the interests of the company we represent and creating improvements which will result in further development of the business in conformity with applicable law. That is why we act on behalf of the companies that are endangered by indebtedness.

As the proxies of our clients, we try to negotiate the most favourable terms of debt repayment. We represent companies at every stage of negotiations with creditors. At our client’s request we act as a representative in negotiations. We also offer assistance in reaching settlements. We offer new agreements between the debtor and its creditors, in which we indicate the forms of debt repayment that are the most advantageous for the debtor. We engage in negotiations on the postponement of a payment date, reduction in the amount of subsequent instalments and suspension of interest calculation or dividing its payment into instalments that are convenient for the client.

Our Law Office offers the following activities connected with legal protection of debtors:

  • developing settlement proposals for creditors and negotiating them,
  • filing reasonable complaints about the actions of a debt collector,
  • bringing counter-enforcement actions,
  • raising objections to payment demands and default judgements.

We try to create such payment terms of the outstanding debt owed to the creditors, which are acceptable for our client. We protect the debtor and his property. Thanks to our legal aid our clients may regain peace and the financial balance.