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ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Giving Opinions on Agreements

The ability to discuss and to actively listen is crucial in business. Those entrepreneurs who are aware of that are able to response to their client’s needs. We also attach a lot of weight to dialog, in particular about business and its opportunities. For that reason we are always capable of finding a satisfactory solution not only for our client but also for the other party; a solution which enables the parties to sign an agreement, establish cooperation and develop in a profitable manner.

Our clients may always count on the consultations and legal support of our lawyers. We prepare agreements, taking into consideration the benefits that it may bring to our client’s company. We participate in signing agreements and negotiate terms of our client’s cooperation with its customers and business partners. We always bear in mind that a thriving business means a business in which already the first element has been prepared with prudence and competence.

We provide our clients with support, especially by giving opinions on agreements connected with all business undertakings, including commercial, supply, distribution, cooperation, marketing, framework and specific agreements. We give opinions on whether a given agreement may be signed.