Arkana Law Office - POLAND

Fields of Practice

ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Due Diligence

It is necessary to be well prepared for the planned investments. Prudence is not enough. This process also requires competence and knowledge of many fields of law (including commercial, financial, tax, civil or labour law). A company needs an adviser with a wide substantive knowledge to prepare all kinds of analyses of potential investments.

We take all actions aimed at collecting information about an investment. We carry out research that is necessary for the acquisition of shares or companies, privatisation, combination or transformation of a company. We also provide support when our clients take equity decisions about another entity. We influence the strengthening of our client’s position in negotiations with investors concerning the value of the transaction subject.

Analysis of legal aspects of the company includes:

  • Loan and insurance agreements of the company
  • Main agreements with consumers and suppliers
  • Employment agreements and other civil-law contracts with employees
  • Articles of Association of the company, protocols and resolutions of the Management Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Legal analysis of trademarks and industrial designs of the company and its products