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Fields of Practice

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Debt Collection

The clients who delay the payment of amounts due may be an obstacle for the company’s financial liquidity. The most efficient solution in the case of debts which are not paid in a timely manner, is to hand over the case to professionals specialising in debt collection as well as court and enforcement proceedings. We may star our activities from negotiations and an attempt to settle the dispute in an amicable manner through a voluntary payment. If necessary, we will bring the case to court.

We represent our clients during:

  • settlement proceedings,
  • court proceedings,
  • enforcement proceedings.

During court proceedings we draft a statement of claim for payment and all other pleadings. We prepare answers to the debtor’s charges. After obtaining a writ of payment or a judgement, legal counsels apply for an enforcement clause for the judgement, and lawyers secure the debtor’s property in order to collect the amounts due. We prevent the debtor from concealing or disposing of secured property. Thanks to our actions, the debtor loses the right to have unlimited access to secured property.

The pre-enforcement and enforcement proceedings conducted by our Office are aimed at the final recovery of amounts receivable. Following a court judgement, we cooperate with a debt collector who carries out debt execution. Thanks to our actions it is possible to indicate the bank accounts with deposited case as well as movables that may be quickly sold, and to supervise the debt collector’s activities. By cooperating with debt collectors we have influence on successful execution.

At every stage of the case, we prepare arrangements and settlements which may be negotiated during initiated court proceedings. We conduct correspondence with judicial bodies on the court proceedings in progress. We also check the status of the cases which are in court, pre-enforcement and enforcement proceedings. Our goal in supporting enterprises is not only assistance in effective enforcement of existing debts. We also put emphasis on presenting solutions how to secure a company and avoid similar situations in future.