Arkana Law Office - POLAND

Fields of Practice

ARKANA is a Law Office with specialist and reliable legal knowledge.

Business Consultancy

ARKANA is a Law Office for business. Every day we struggle with problems which affect Polish and foreign companies. We initiate and control proper implementation of suggested legal solutions bearing in mind financial benefits for companies.

We advise on the following matters:

  • proposals of changes in companies’ organisational structure,
  • crisis management,
  • unbundling,
  • implementation of reorganisation and bankruptcy programmes.

We carry out all activities aimed at the improvement of a company’s profitability. Our lawyers, who are experts in legal services for business, can correctly identify factors which are essential in order to obtain beneficial financial situation and maintain it in the future. We concentrate on the assessment of the financial position of a business, evaluation of profitability, liquidity, as well as property and equity situation. We prepare a strategy for the implementation of modern solutions in management accounting, and modernization of specific organisational procedures. We supervise the correct course of the processes of registering business operations. We help companies to constantly obtain notable benefits.

Our activities are always taken in close cooperation with senior management.