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Although a bankruptcy of an enterprise may be perceived as a natural phenomenon in a company’s life cycle, it happens to be unexpected. Appropriate preparation to the processes connected with the necessity of declaring a bankruptcy is essential for the properly management of the company and its assets. Thanks to a permanent contact with experts in this field, the interests of entrepreneurs may be protected and the case may be solved in a proper way.

We provide assistance in each stage of bankruptcy proceedings. We perform actions resulting from the procedure of the declaration of bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings conducted following the declaration of bankruptcy.

We take the following actions during bankruptcy proceedings:

  • preparing petitions to declare bankruptcy – on behalf of the bankrupt as well as creditors,
  • representing the bankrupt’s interests,
  • providing assistance in the drafting of arrangement proposals and amendments to them,
  • preparing all kinds of petitions and pleadings for the bankrupt or creditors,
  • representing creditors or the bankrupt in the bankruptcy proceedings,
  • representing members of legal entities’ bodies in the proceedings for the announcement of a ban on conducting business operations.

We also provide advice in the event of implementing restructuring and reorganisation programmes in case of threat of insolvency