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Fields of Law

ARKANA Law Office provides comprehensive legal and business services.

Economic Law

Business activity affects many fields of law. By attracting interdisciplinary experts from different fields of law, we possess broad and accurate knowledge of the correct legal functioning of companies. We also provide answers to issues concerning building and housing law as well as international private law. We have the knowledge of press and advertising law, bankruptcy and reorganisation law as well as bills of exchange law.

Our clients can count on our lawyers’ assistance in every situation. We explain complicated cases and incomprehensible articles concerning business activity.

We take the following actions in the scope of economic law:

  • giving opinions on all types of documents,
  • consultations while drafting agreements which are profitable for the company,
  • conducting debt collection proceedings,
  • drafting pleadings,
  • representing the client during trials in court disputes.

We always aim to achieve the result of the cases for which we are responsible which will take into account the protection of the company’s and the management’s property as well as the most advantageous solution.