Arkana Law Office - POLAND

Fields of Law

ARKANA Law Office provides comprehensive legal and business services.

Civil Law

We understand the needs and day-to-day struggle of entrepreneurs who care about building a stable and profitable business. We also face new challenges and complex legal provisions every day. This is our passion and work in which we find fulfilment. We carry out this work not only with full commitment but first of all effectively and with due diligence. We assist companies in reacting to the changing business environment in a profitable manner.

We believe that the key to all agreements is discussion and trust placed in us by the cooperating companies. We understand our clients and therefore we are always able to suggest and implement appropriate, business-adjusted solutions.

 We take the following activities in the scope of civil law:

  • consulting about the functioning of entrepreneurs’ operations,
  • consulting about the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights,
  • consulting about the transfer of financial copyrights,
  • consulting and services concerning the protection of brands and trademarks in the European Union,
  • representing the client in cases concerning trademark registration proceedings
  • representation at court.