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ARKANA Law Office provides comprehensive legal and business services.

Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law

The management of a company’s financial liquidity often required complex operations. We always have the same goal in our cases, namely to ensure the continuity of the company’s business. We assist the boards of the companies by minimizing their personal responsibility and advise the most advantageous solutions in order to fully protect the property of every company.

We always bear in mind that appropriate approach to creditors’ claims may constitute a basis for the company’s success and open the doors to the company’s normal development. Comprehensive consultancy about bankruptcy and reorganisation issues is in business operations not only essential but also invaluable.

 We carry out the following activities:

  • drafting proposals of reorganisation plans,
  • consultancy about debt restructuring,
  • conducting negotiations with creditors,
  • drafting of and giving opinions on all kinds of documents connected with bankruptcy and reorganisation activities,
  • debt collection or sale,
  • participating in acquisitions of enterprises or parts of them during bankruptcy proceedings.