Arkana Law Office - POLAND


ARKANA Office is represented by experts from different fields of law, whose knowledge and experience guarantees comprehensive business and legal support for entrepreneurs.

Our employees and legal counsels offer assistance at every stage of companies’ and enterprises’ existence     and operations.

Joanna Buszkiewicz

Expert in economic, restructuring and European law, attorney-at-law. Founder of ARKANA Law Office.

A graduate of law at the University of Gdańsk and of English and European Union law studies at Cambridge University certified by the Certificate of English and European Union Law.

Has almost twenty years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to businesses, both Polish and foreign. She was the Head of the Legal Department in one of the largest wood industry companies in Poland and in a confectionery production plant ‘Zakłady Produkcji Cukierniczej’, where she provided full legal and business services to the company. She also enriched her professional practice in the Customs Chamber in Gdynia, in the Office of the Committee for European Integration in Warsaw and while working for reputable law firms.

She provides legal services for enterprises, enterprise restructurings, company transformations, bankruptcy and reforming proceedings, legal due diligence concerning enterprises and real estate.

She is fluent in English and also speaks German.

In her free time, her passion for music is taking over. And her hobby is numismatics and exploring the history and curiosities related to the history of Gdynia.

Tomasz Lewandowicz

An expert in economic and commercial law. Attorney-at-law in ARKANA Law Office, with which he has cooperated since 2010.

A graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. He completed his attorney-at-law training at the Olsztyn Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law Advisers.

He's willing to take on cases with a complicated legal status. He specialises primarily in issues concerning the responsibility of management board members, liquidation of companies, due diligence and problems with international factor.

He has experience in the field of patients' and disabled people's rights - as a member and chairman of the adjudicating panels of the Provincial Commission for the Ruling of Medical Events in Olsztyn he participates in resolving cases of medical errors in hospitals.

Socially active - he performed various functions in social organisations: associations, foundations, parents' council. He was active in the e-commerce industry. He's the author of Amber board game. 

He speaks advanced English, as confirmed by the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).


Agnieszka Hervy

Expert in commercial, economic, labour and administrative law, attorney-at-law. She has been cooperating with ARKANA Law Office since February 2010. 

A graduate of law and administration studies at the University of Gdansk. She completed her attorney-at-law training at the Gdańsk Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law Advisers.

She has over ten years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to enterprises, including companies with foreign capital. She provides professional business and legal advice: starting from the selection of an appropriate form of business activity and its registration, through the creation of contracts and conducting effective trade negotiations, legal assistance in the field of labour law, representation in court disputes, including in the area of labour law and administrative proceedings, to advice on modification or termination of business activity - through the transformation of companies, as well as under bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

She also has extensive experience in the creation and analysis of contracts in the area of copyright protection.

She conducts legal due diligence on both businesses and real estate.

Apart from enterprises, she also provides day-to-day services to public finance sector entities, including public procurement.

She speaks English.

In her free time, she exercises yoga and explores her interests in Latino culture.

Aneta Prosół

Specialist in bankruptcy law and restructuring law. She has been cooperating with ARKANA Law Office since 2016.

A graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk with a specialization in civil law and additionally intellectual property.

She wrote her master's thesis in commercial law and, as a lawyer, she is deepening her specialisation in this area, with particular emphasis on bankruptcy and restructuring law.

She has several years of experience in providing legal services to enterprises (including companies with foreign capital), public finance sector entities and individuals. She specialises in restructuring and bankruptcy cases. Also, other matters that he deals with include, among others, litigation and enforcement proceedings, non-contentious proceedings (such as registration, perpetual accountancy and other issues), as well as administrative and judicial-administrative matters

She speaks fluent English and has an advanced level of German.

Besides, her passion is music and culture in the broadest sense of the word - she is a flautist and pianist and has a secondary professional musical education. 


Michał Łub

He has been cooperating with ARKANA Law Office since 2019. 

A fourth-year student of law at the Higher School of Administration and Business in Gdynia. He plans to write his master's thesis in civil law. 

He participated in the preparation of restructuring and bankruptcy applications. He provides services to companies and persons conducting business activity in the field of court enforcement and later in the enforcement proceedings. 

Former president of the WSAiB Student Legal Counselling Office. In the legal office he assisted clients in the outpatient office branch in the District Court in Gdynia. From 2015 a councillor of Grabówek district, and from 2019 a vice-chairman of the district council. 

He speaks English at an advanced level.