Arkana Law Office - POLAND


ARKANA Office is represented by experts from different fields of law, whose knowledge and experience guarantees comprehensive business and legal support for entrepreneurs.

Our employees and legal counsels offer assistance at every stage of companies’ and enterprises’ existence     and operations.

Joanna Buszkiewicz

Joanna Buszkiewicz is an expert in the field of commercial and European Union law. She is a Legal Counsel at ARKANA Law Office. She is a law graduate of the University of Gdańsk as well as English and European Union law studies at the University of Cambridge confirmed by the Certificate of English and European Union Law.

She has long-standing experience. She performed the function of Legal Sections Manager in one of the biggest timber industry companies in Poland and at Zakłady Produkcji Cukierniczej [Confectionery Plants], where she ensured comprehensive legal and business servicing of the company. She was also gaining her professional experience at the Customs Chamber in Gdynia, the Office of the Committee for European Integration (UKIE) in Warsaw and during her work for reputable law offices.

She is fluent in English. Her knowledge of German has been confirmed by the certificate of completion of a professional course at the Herder Centre.

Paweł Buszkiewicz

Paweł Buszkiewicz is an expert in legal and commercial issues. He is the Managing Director of ARKANA Law Office. He graduated from the ETI Faculty at Gdańsk University   of Technology and MBA studies at the Helsinki School of Economics and the Poznań School of Banking. At present he is in the course of gaining ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualifications. He is the author of programmes and systems  supporting the process of making decisions by companies’ management.

He was gaining experience in management and consultancy as the Chief Analyst and the General Director of Zakłady Produkcji Cukierniczej [Confectionary Plants], where he supervised the work of a team of 350-employees and carried out activities supporting business operations of the company. He cooperates on a day-to-day basis with chief executives of companies from food, construction, gastronomic, furniture and transport industry, within the scope of comprehensive legal and business support.

He is fluent is English. He devotes his free time to numismatics..

Tomasz Lewandowicz

Tomasz Lewandowicz is an expert in the field of non-governmental organisations. He is a Legal Counsel. He is a law graduate of the University of Gdańsk. He is a winner of the All-Poland Primus Inter Pares Competition: Expert 2009 in the category Lawyer and a two-time winner of the Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for achievements.

In the years 2009-2010 he acted as the Board Member for Formal and Legal Affairs at Centrum Analiz Politycznych i Prawnych [Centre for Political and Legal Analyses]. Earlier, for 3 years he had been acting as the Board Member of the Pro Societas Association, where he was responsible for dealing with formal and legal affairs and for raising public funds. He was also gaining his experience at Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza [Pomerania Development Agency] by actively cooperating with the Regional Education Academy department.

His responsibilities at ARKANA include drafting legal opinions, preparing pleadings and drafts of agreements as well as solving current legal issues.

In his free time he likes to devote himself to his passion for playing the guitar.


Agnieszka Hervy

Agnieszka Hervy is an expert in financial and labour law. She is a Legal Counsel. She graduated from the administration faculty and she is a law graduate of the University of Gdańsk. She is the finalist of the departmental knowledge competition on financial law. She authored advisory publications on labour law.

She was gaining her experience during her work for 7th Department of the District Court Gdańsk-Południe, where she was responsible for drafting court sentences and rulings.

She has been working for ARKANA since February 2010. She deals with issues within civil and administrative proceedings as well as proceedings in administrative courts.

She devotes her free time to exploring the Spanish language and culture.

Małgorzata Stawicka

Małgorzata Stawicka is an expert in commercial law, labour law and European Union law. She is a trainee legal counsel at the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Gdańsk. She  is a law graduate of the Academy of Law and Diplomacy in Gdynia. She is the author   of articles and advisory publications on labour law.

She was gaining her experience at the Legal Department of the Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Berlin, at the Criminal Division of the District Court Gdańsk-Północ and at one of the police units in Gdynia. In the years 2007-2009 she underwent student training at the Civil and Criminal Section of the District Court in Sopot and at the Civil Section of the District Court in Wejherowo.

At ARKANA she deals mainly with economic law issues. She has a good command of German. She devotes her free time to travels and sport.